From minor diesel generator repairs to major overhauls and re-assembly, our tech-experts pushes their limit to bring a highly reliable and prompting method on-hand. That’s why, our pool of services has been extended to deal with new Gen-sets, while offering budget-friendly used diesel generators for sale.

In Depth Guidance for Service Transparency:

We do not want our clients to feel awkward about in-depth repairing and replacement, while we charge them according to distinct products and operations. So, we guide them about the consequences on the performance as well as on the bill-sheet for every part change or a small enhancement.

This gives them, the satisfaction that their product is in the rightful hands and the knowledge about their diesel generator indeed. We will inform the client about the cliches of fueling services, emission control, load testing and much more under the hood.

With an ample stock of the latest generators, we are bound to offer ace services including:

  • Complete Maintenance contracts per year.
  • 24-hour diesel generator repair within port harcourt Nigeria.
  • Expert in Electric quantifiers and analysis.
  • Custom designs for particular industrial applications.
  • New and Second hand Generators for Sale in Nigeria
  • OEM spare parts for most Makes and Models.
  • Load test: Resistive and Reactive
  • Overhauling, Diagnostics, Fueling and lubrication


Pre Sales Service

Oxynitrotech supplies Power Solutions, offering the highest levels of flexibility, resilience and reliability

We support our products with unrivalled expertise that includes a comprehensive level of pre sales support. With a selective team of dedicated professionals, we look to offer new, inventive and pioneering services that meet the standards and requirements set by ourselves and our loyal customers.

Not only do we provide the diesel power generators, we also provide reliable and professional On-site consultancy service. We provide uninterrupted supply of electricity and professional support services to customers, allowing them to enjoy the advanced technology and expertise that Oxynitrotech offers.

A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians will travel to customer sites and work with the client to define their actual requirements and review the alternatives available for providing a cost-effective solution which includes, but not limited to:

  • Studying load requirements and specifying the correct size of diesel generator to support various projects and the need of any other equipment such as ATS, Battery Charger, and mode of operation; synchronizing system or stand alone, type of enclosure with certain noise level or mounted on skid, etc.
  • For generators to be installed in plant rooms, we can advise on all aspects of the room requirements, and supply all peripheral equipment
  • Guidance on the electrical installation & options to enhance the performance and life of the system