Preventive /Breakdown maintenance services of Heavy Duty Truck

To ensure maximum vehicle reliability, longevity, and passenger safety, fleet managers must make maintenance an essential part of their operations. At its core, preventive maintenance (PM) consists of scheduled servicing, vehicle inspections, and repairs to help maximize vehicle availability.
Used proactively, preventive maintenance has been proven to help reduce vehicle breakdowns.
Our experienced team specializes in everything from Commercial Engine Repair to Heavy Truck Alignments. The commercial-grade lifts at our commercial truck shop are capable of hoisting even the biggest rig in your commercial fleet, allowing us to thoroughly inspect and repair semi-tractors, RV’s and more.

Type of Service we offer :


Adjust Brakes
Air Conditioner Repair
Balance Tires
Coolant Flush
Engine Tune-Up
Front-End Alignment
Oil Change
Replace Muffler
State Inspection
Tire Rotation
Transmission Flush
Wash, Wax & Interior Clean
Changing of Automatic to Manual Engine system
Other Service
‘Incorporating regular truck maintenance into fleet operations removes this unnecessary cost and the potential impact of vehicle downtime and loss of productivity.’


Here is your 5 Reasons Why Regular Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Is Critical :
Optimize Replacement Cycles
Avoid Nonessential Downtime
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Improve Fleet Fuel Efficiency
Improve Safety