General Maintenance services for oil and gas terminals and other industries

Maintenance management system

Effective inspection and maintenance are important in ensuring asset integrity
and reliability. In developing the maintenance management systems an initial
review is required determine status and how the aging processes is covered in the
existing maintenance program. The review is to evaluate the need for updating
the integrity, reliability, vulnerability and consequence analysis for continuous
operations in the future. Experience and knowledge from documented failures and
lessons learnt shall also be part of the evaluation and be used to improve the
maintenance management system. In principle, the maintenance management
system should be within a computerized database with detailed history of the
operating, design, assessment, inspection and maintenance records accessible to


Key Capabilities include

  • Provide technical guidance to Hub mechanical support engineers and Offshore staff on rotating and static equipment maintenance activities scopes, methods and execution.
  • Provide technical operational support in the resolution of key machinery integrity and operational issues using our in-house tools EGB®HYPER-ION and EGB®AIS.
  • Support the Client in the assessment of anomalies, deviations from standard, maintenance deferrals, developing risk mitigations and producing technical reports, where appropriate.
  • Act as technical focal point with key rotating and static equipment vendors, in conjunction with the Client.
  • Drive improvements in rotating equipment reliability initiatives and reporting.
  • Develop templates for equipment, post maintenance, commissioning and start-up including Assurance Check-Lists.


  • Business focused strategic management of equipment operations and maintenance schedules.
  • Support alignment of equipment capabilities to meet projects operations for target reliability & availability.
  • Modelling, simulation & diagnostics using in-house tools.
  • Lead Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) & investigations.
  • Produce documentation, reports, methods & execution statements.


Dedicated to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) & Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) of Infrastructure & Plant Assets to reduce costs and  improve safety

  • Rotating Plant Equipment Survey.
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM).
  • Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM).
  • Technical Oversight.
  • Modelling, Diagnostics & Simulation.
  • Control & Actuation System.


  • Modelling capabilities to assess plant equipment and operations.
  • Evaluates technical operations to save costs.
  • Improves operation schedule and monitoring.
  • Aids infrastructure investment and decision-making.


  • Advanced Inspection Systems.
  • Currently for Conditon-Based Monitoring (CBM) and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RBM).
  • Incorporate diagnostics and Machine Learning.