Nitrogen Purging for Oil and Gas Application.


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What Is Nitrogen Purging? –

Procedure and Equipment Used

A significant number of industrial processes are moisture-sensitive and require an oxygen-deficient environment to ensure the quality of their final products is not altered. Damage resulting from water vapor and oxidation is another serious challenge faced by many industrial manufacturers.
To tackle these problems, nitrogen purging is routinely incorporated in relevant processes.
What Is Nitrogen Purging?
Nitrogen purging is an industrial process where unwanted gases and other impurities are eliminated from a manufacturing system environment using nitrogen gas. Due to its inert properties, nitrogen can be used to effectively displace oxygen and other pro-oxidative gases from industrial processes without reacting chemically with the substrates.

Why Nitrogen Purging Is Required?

The benefits of nitrogen purging are numerous, but the most crucial reasons for nitrogen gas purging are to prevent chemical alteration of products and to prevent moisture-related equipment damage or even combustion.
A lot of industrial manufacturing processes could be adversely affected when conducted in the presence of moisture or oxygen-rich air. The oxidative damage caused by these unwanted impurities will diminish the quality of the final products with costly implications for profitability. Oxygen-sensitive operations integrate nitrogen purging equipment to prevent unfavorable manufacturing conditions.
Applications of Nitrogen Purging Systems
Nitrogen gas purging is currently being used across a range of industrial manufacturing processes, and purging is one of the reasons the industrial use of nitrogen is so common. Outlined below are some key uses of nitrogen flushing procedures in different applications.
  1. Brewery purging headspaces to extend the shelf life of beer
  1. Nitrogen blanketing for ships, tankers, and potentially combustible environments
  1. Nitrogen purging for transformers and volatile electrical environments
  1. Purging organic compounds in the chemical/petrochemical industries
  1. Toxic gas elimination in process chambers (e.g. sputtering tools)
  1. Pipeline drying and purging to limit oxygen concentrations
  1. Modified Atmosphere Packaging with food-grade nitrogen in food production and packaging plants to remove moisture, oxygen, and other gaseous impurities
  1. Metal fabrication where N2 purging systems are used to eliminate compounds that might affect weld quality
We undertake the total preventive/corrective maintenance service of
  1. Coil tubing units
  1. Single/Double skid Pumping Unit
  1. centrifugal Pump
  1. Filtration Unit
  1. Compressors
  1. Batch Mixers.
  1. Nitrogen Pumps